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            I Give My拍拍拍影院 Love to You Only

            I want

            to live and love with you

            and be one forever;

            to be near you so I can

            reach out and touch you;

            to make love with you,

            talk with you,

            and be silent with you;

            to hold you close every night

            and wake五十度黑在線看 up with you

            each morning.

            I want

            to share my secrets with you

            and be honest with you;

            to understand and respect you,

            accepting you as you are.

            I want

            to find shelt有道翻譯er in you

            when I am afraid

            and hold you when I need warmth;

            to be with you through all seasons,

            walking with you in the sunshine

            and cuddling with you in the cold.

            Noteshelter n. 掩蔽,庇護所 cuddle v. 擁抱 care for 照顧,照料

            I want

            to care for you when you are ill

            and be joyful with you when you

            are happy;

            to grow old with you

            and be with you until

            the end of time.

            I want all these things

            with you only.

            I would do all these things

            for you only.

            To you only, I give all my love.



            We'll be okay, won't we?

            The one thing that matters

            more to me than anything else

            in the world... is you and me.

            You are my w一路向西2在線觀看orld.

            You're the one who gets all

            my love and my wishes and my prayers.

            But somehow... despite all my

            best intentions,

            I never feel quite safe enough

            or sure enough

            to rest assured that I'll always be

            able to make you happy.

            I need to know.

            I need you more than my words can say.

            I need to always feel

            the warm peaceful feeling

            that I get when you hold me.歐冠新聞

            I need to experience the beauty

            of our love that I gently receive

            when we caress.

            I need for us to remember

            all the love that's been given

            and all the love that will unfold

            each day, between the wonder of you

            and the warmth of me.

            Notecaress v. 愛撫,接吻 unfold v. 打開,呈現

            And sometimes,

            I just need to know

            that we'll be okay... won't we?



            I sometimes feel

            a lit武漢解封後第一個周末tle jealous in my thoughts,

            imagining that someone else

            could please you more than me.

            It's just my insecurity

            acting up a bit, I guess...

            because I know I'm not

            the most beautiful,

            the most ecticing,

            Notejealous adj. 嫉妒的,猜疑的 insecurity n. 不安全感

            enticing adj. 引誘的,迷人的

            the most fun, or the

            most imagina夢幻西遊tive person

            in the world,

            but I do know this —

            no matter

            how much time goes by,

            I can't imagine that

            you'll ever find another郵箱登錄

            who will love you

            with a beauty

            and a passion

            Notepassion n. 激情,熱情

            and a happiness

            like that which I feel for you.